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British Parliamentary Debate
Opening Government, Prime Minister

THBT: Faith-based institutions should not endorse political candidates.

State the motion and stance

Definition of terms
Faith-based institutions- organizations founded on the same belief system. (e.g. El Shaddai, CFC)
Endorse-support then recommend; showing your preference of a certain thing or person over another.
Political candidate-people who are running for a certain position in the government. (E.g. president, senator)

Status quo
These candidates go to the FBIs to try and convince the members and more importantly the leaders to join their side. When the “institution” approves of the candidate, they publicly announce their support-this is a form of endorsement.

To further defend our stance, we present these three arguments. First, Their support creates a twist in the freedom of people to vote; Second, Voting becomes a decision between personal judgment and faith: And third, The Church is separated from the Government.

First point: Their support creates a twist in the freedom of people to vote.
We have to consider the institution as a whole. Some members of the institution might want to vote for someone else. Since these candidates does the leader prefer the ones and since these leaders are believed to be men inspired by faith, the crowd that follows them will have this notion that what their leader is endorsing will most probably be a precise or correct choice in voting. And to think like this is wrong since the main practice of democracy is voting for someone the voters themselves decided on their one. And since these faithful followers will be forced to vote for the candidate they are told to vote for, the election results now, will be biased.

Second point: Voting becomes a decision between personal judgment and faith.
Faithful followers of these movements are now in a personal dilemma in which area of his life will voting be used. Most probably, religious people are expected to prioritize faith over country or self. The right of people now for the country becomes now a choice of faith. Politics do not depend on faith.

Third point: Religion is separated from the government.
The Philippine government has applied this philosophy and it is already a political and religious norm that the government nor the church does not take care of each other’s business. In a way, at this point and time, the government is distorting the norm of the society. Instead of the Filipinos voting for whom they want with their own judgment, the FBI leaders are assuring the candidate of a sure block vote. Simply put, the politicians’ job of campaigning is now the burden of the FBI leaders in a way.

With all these points, the government firmly stands.

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