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Oregon-Oxford Debate
Negative Side, Practicability Speaker

LIBRT: Divorce be implemented to ameliorate convolution in heterosexual couples.

“ You make me wanna leave the one I’m with start a new relationship with you. This is what you do. Think about her and the games you played on me. You make me, you make me…”-from Usher’s song ‘You make me wanna.
Madam adjudicator, my worthy opponents, my able colleagues and members of this house, Good Morning / Afternoon.
The proposition of this debate is to LIBRT: Divorce be implemented to ameliorate convolution in heterosexual couples. We strongly disagree with the idea of this proposition.
As the first speaker of the negative side, I will tell you about the feasibility of the proposition. My second speaker will cite to you about the necessity of the proposition and our third speaker will discuss the benefits of not having a divorce and the advantages of the alternative solution.
Now, I would like to tell you my points. First, Divorce is against the second commandment. Second, It is against the Second Vatican Canon Law. Third, It violates Article XV of the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and other subordinating laws. Fourth, It does not give room for the couple’s child or children to grow normally. Fifth, It is time and money consuming. And lastly, succeeding marriages from the State and the Church are automatically nullified.
Let me go back to my points. First, Divorce is against the second commandment. The Second commandment states, “You shall not take the name of the Lord Your God in vain.” And as everyone might know, one of the violations of this commandment are making false oaths or using God’s name to confirm a false statement. In the sacrament of matrimony, the couple cites this oath:
And under the blessing of God, they became one. If divorce would be allowed, the couple would have a ‘legal opportunity’ to violate this Divine law therefore making a false oath. The Church and the State does not allow desertion, addiction, insanity, alcoholism, cruelty, adultery and criminal records as grounds for divorce. You could just sue or file a case against your husband and the court will give its just verdict. You solved your problem without divorcing your husband. And if it is possible that the couple could solve the problem on their own, then let hem do so.
Second, It is against the 2nd Vatican Canon Law. Since it violates the Second commandment, the Church strongly forbids it.
Third, It violates the constitution and some subordinating laws. Article II, Section 12 of the Republic’s Constitution states that the law expressly pronounces that the State shall strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social entity. The first article of the Family Code states that marriage is an inviolable social institution, a special permanent union between husband and wife.” Article XV Section I of the Constitution of The RP states that “the State recognizes the Filipino family as the foundation of the nation. Accordingly, it shall strengthen its solidarity and actively promote its total development.” Article XV.Section II states “ Marriage, as an inviolable (I repeat) social institution, is the foundation of the family and shall be protected by the State.” If marriage is the foundation of the family which the State recognizes as the foundation of the country, Why make laws to make it void?
Fourth, it does not give room for the children of the divorcees to live a normal life. In all mammals and some animals, paternal care and intimacy contributes a lot to the proper growth of the off springs. If, for example, a couple would file a divorce, it gives he child the notion that his parents refuses to give the paternal love he needs since he himself witnesses the unwillingness of the parents. Studies show that 80% of the children in the US having divorced, single or widowed parents resort to suicide, smoking, drugs, rebellion and teenage pregnancy. These numbers, although not in the Philippines, show that divorce would bring a chaotic environment.
Fifth, It is time and money consuming. It is very impractical especially with the lives of the Filipinos nowadays. A divorce would cost 36 proceedings plus a psychiatric examination and a lawyer. Also, it does not guarantee the divorce with the granting of her/ his wish.
And lastly, A succeeding marriage after the first one is nullified. The Church only accepts widows or remarry. For the Church, the marital vows are permanent, therefore there is nothing that would make it void.
(So what have I told you so far? -point restatement)

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