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Sample Speech #4
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British Parliamentary Debate
Opening Government, Deputee Prime Minister

THBT: Disney is corrupting our values

State the motion and stance

Definition of terms
Disney- company catered to children; In general (channel, merchandise, movies, amusement parks, shows)
Corrupting- influencing or persuading in a negative way.
Values- principles; way of thinking (especially cultural and psychological aspects)
Status quo
Disney is currently the most highly recognized and longest-lasting company producing merchandise catered to children. They make merchandises, shows, movies, amusement parks, etc. to “bring joy to the world” But, as always, certain things do not carry out as planned.
Essential question
Does Disney really influence its customers?
If so, what does the influence do to the buyer?
And my two points could answer that question. My first reason is that Disney alters cultural concepts in movie making and my second reason is that Disney encourages foul or “improper” behavior.

First point: Disney alters cultural concepts in movie making.
How does Disney do this? Well, they adopt a lot of folk tales and storylines from books around the globe.
Let’s take The Hunchback of Notradame for example. This story was adopted from Victor Hugo’s classic and best-selling novel. They twisted the story so much as to giving different fates, characteristics and personalities to each character that you can no longer detect that it is what Victor Hugo wrote. In putting literature in to theatre, we should highly-respect and almost mimic the general storyline of the book, besides that’s where the story came from. But with what Disney is doing with all of their films, they are really disregarding their “source.”

Second point: Disney encourages foul or “improper” behavior.
For Example, there was this episode in the House of Mouse wherein Mickey, Donald and Goofy were construction workers, assigned to paint the newly built roller coaster of an amusement park. They were peacefully painting while suddenly Mickey, accidentally splashed paint all over Donald’s face. Donald, being really ill tempered, splashed paint back to Donald. Then they splashed paint over each other the whole episode while Goofy paints away like nothing bad is happening. When the manager of this amusement park came back to see the roller coaster, it turned out to be in great! This will register into the young viewers mind that playing while working, taking on revenge and being ill tempered will actually bring out god things! As more mature kids, we are all aware that the qualities mentioned are not good. But in the case of those a lot younger than us, with analogies formulated in their unmolded and unstable minds still waiting for principles and morals to seep in, will most likely be unable to think of it the way we do.
So what have I been telling you so far? (Reiterate points)

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