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British Parliamentary Debate
Opening Government, Prime Minister

THBT: Barbie is the embodiment of women empowerment.

State the motion and stance

Definition of terms
Barbie- a female doll
Embodiment-a symbolism or representation
Women empowerment- interpreted as women’s equality with men in terms of business and social standing in society.

Status quo
Let us look the situation today pertaining to Barbie. Barbie dolls are the most known, top selling and longest existing toy globally. She portrays many images in the work force (e.g. stewardess, pop star) as well as portraying many images in terms of nationality (e.g. Filipino, Japanese, American).

Essential question
Knowing this situation, we have to answer this question: What does Barbie stand for?

And my two points could answer that question. My first reason is Barbie’s dynamism and my second reason is Barbie’s cultural role in the society.

Now, let me go back to my first point. Barbie’s dynamism. To prove that let us describe Barbie. Barbie, as what I’ve mentioned, has many versions in terms of nationality, race and work. And since children can see that grown-up women (in the form of Barbie) could perform all these roles, these children will have this sense of feminism, which is most probably the cause for debate of children Boys vs. Girls. And Barbie, unlike male dolls, who only show men as soldiers and drag racers limits their role portrayal to “buff” jobs while Barbie can go from stewardess to construction worker to pop diva to doctor. Proving to kids that you can achieve dream whatever it is. You could be who you want to be.

Second, Barbie’s cultural role in society. We can see black, tan, fair and white Barbie’s everywhere. And seeing that she doesn’t loose her identity as Barbie no matter what color, nationality or clothes she has on erases the notion on children’s minds about racism. Barbie is still Barbie, no matter how many times she changes her clothes, color or nationality. This analogy could go the same with women: No matter what color or nationality you have, you’re still a woman.

So what have I been telling you so far? (Reiterate points)

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