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Public Speaking

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Public Speaking- communication in which the speaker presents a fairly,lengthy,prepared message to an audience gathered for the purpose of hearing the message.

  1. The audince have basic expectations.
    • Speech should deal with a specific topic.
    • Speech should be organized in a clear and logical way.
    • Begin with a relevant introduction and conclude with an ending that satisfies the audience.
    • Language chosen shoul be more formal than in casual conversations ( though it should sound as casual conversations).
    • Vague pronouns, slang or grammar errors should not be present.
    • Opinions and comments should be directed in a personal and friendly fashion (so as not to offend those who oppose your ideas).
  2. Certain platform techniques should be observed.
  • VOICE CONTROL-includes volume, rate, pitch and clarity (diction, pronunciation and enunciation of words). Speakers should watch out and try to avoid these problems: repeating words/phrases, monotones, speech crutches, breaking, dead air, sounding too weak or too loud, mumbling, slang, speaking too fast or too slow.
  • EYE CONTACT- consider the duration (Don't take too long as to stare and also not too short.) and the distribution of your glances. Try to make them as balanced and as random as possible. The problems on these technique are: side glances, fast eye shifting, looking only at one area, looking up & down, slow eye shifting and too much blinking. This technique is usually solved by practicing in front of a mirror or with company.
  • BODY CONTROL- posture should be balnced and stable, facial expression should be aligned with your message, and practice having natural and open hand gestures. Beginners usually have imbalanced positions, slump, sort of dance in front of the audience ( though completely unnecessary), have arms folded accross the chest or clasp near the navel.

A speaker with proper platform techniques would sound and look interesting, authoritative, confident and would surely gain audience control.

" All good speakers in the world were once bad speakers."
-Ralph Emerson